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    Hey look at this Nonsense!!!???


    Check out this link - its a sweet deal I think I will order 5!

    Fully loaded Spot for 5 bucks

    What kind of BS is this? A 5Spot any color with Talas, Juicys, XT, XO and Crossmax SL wheels with a starting bid of five dollars! Best part is there is the line half way down that says -

    'CONTACT US BEFORE BIDDING' that brings up an email window. Oh and dont forget the FREE worldwide shipping from Spain where they are located. I guess I just dont 'get' Ebay. Who are all these gullible people??? Where do they live and why dont I have a bunch of useless crap to sell to them?

    Im gonna send them an email just to see what the guy has to say - maybe its really a front and he has 26 million dollars in an account in Ghana and he just needs my help to get it out of the country...

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    No, that's not phonetic
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    I think they are passing the hat, so to speak. Everyone "wins," sends $5, and the dude goes out for pizza and beer with the proceeds.
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    E-bay pulled the listing. Dam! I wasn't fast enough. Maybe next time I'll get my $5 Spot.
    That was right in my price range too.

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