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    Gravity Dropper and KS Remote!

    I was in the situation moving from 2005 HL 5-spot with a 27.2 to a 2012 5-Spot with 30.9 seatpost diameter. I figured I would see if I could adapt my GD Turbo to my new bike, and at the same time, work out a better remote than the stock GD lever. I had a 27.2 to 30.9 shim that came with the post, so that part was covered right off the bat
    Luckily, I had a spare KS remote in the parts bin, so I decided to give that a try with the GD. You can see in the picture, that the cable clamp used at the seatpost end of a KS post actually works well as the cable stop for the KS remote as well! The issue with using a KS remote with the GD, is that both ends of the cable need to be the end with the stop on them. The KS cable stop fixed this nicely!
    I also used a flexible v-brake noodle, and turned the cable entry into the seatpost backwards. Seems to work extremely well, keeps the bars less cluttered, and saves me from having to buy a Lev (for now).
    The other issue I was having with the LEV, was that my frame would not allow the full insertion of a 150mm version, and I would have to live with the 125mm version instead.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Gravity Dropper and KS Remote!-gd-turbo.jpg  

    Gravity Dropper and KS Remote!-ks-remote.jpg  

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    Nice job! Looks clean

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    Aloha, awesome bit of engineering. Love it when we can put something together like this.

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