Well My blk med 5-spot is finnaly built. The weather in Telluride Co went from snowy and 20 to warm 50. What does that mean. MOAB oh yea. 2 1/2 hours later I was riding Bartlett wash on Monday and Pourcupine rim on tuesday. The weather in moab was hi's around 70 lows in the 30's. Pretty nice riding conditions to break in the spot. First thing that I notices was that I was very comfortable on the bike after the first ten minutes. My old Rm Instinct took a couple of days to get used to.
I knew the 5-spot would be a major improvement on decending with the extra inch of travel and coil spung shocks. My main concern would be on climbing. The 5-spot was a very easy climber. I have it built up relitivly light and it felt even lighter on the trail. The was no noticible bob with the romic. the 69d head angle felt fine. I do a couple of long distance races every year and the 5-spot will be perfect. Tech. climbs were a breeze. The fox vanilla and romic sucked up rocks and steps that would have stoped my Instinct dead in its tracks. Overall Im am very pleased with its climbing ability.
Decending was a trip. Point and shoot was the name of the game. I was riding with a frind on a bullit and I had no problems keeping pace with him. Its amazing that an extra inch can really help soo much. I definitly took steeper more tech lines then I would have with my instinct(still a worthy decender)
Overall I could not be more pleased. The bike felt solid but lively. If your worried about the extra weight over a 3.5 travel bike dont. Best of all after a thirty mile P-rim my back feels great, my butt isnt sore and I cant wait to get back on it. Did it make me a better rider? Probably not but it sure makes riding more enjoyable.
Bike Set up
XT cranks(760) seem nice
Sram XO rear SWEEEEET!!
X-9 shifters- Nice easy to adjust too after xt triggers
Kings on 3.1 Dont get any nicer( 2nd year)
Marta SL trouble free for over a year
Time xs Carbon pedals- almost identical ride as the reg times
Thomson post and stem Seem fine
Answer carbon bars Did not break so nice.
Fox Vanilla - oh sooo pluch its scary. feels at home on the spot
Moab was warm and dry. Trails were in very nice condition. P-rim was slightly snow covered on the top and a little muddy. Still very nice. Did not see one person on P-rim. Only 4 people on Bartlett. Ti -spring arrived today OHHHH Yeaaaaa
Ill post some pics soon(1950's med format camara)