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    Which coil Roco for my RFX?

    Oh yes, you wished you could resist the pull of a "which _____ for my ______" thread but now that you're here....

    TST R or WC coil Roco for my '07 crutch err RFX? Pros or cons of either, price difference isn't big enough to be baseline decision factor for me. I'm a big fella 240ish geared up if that comes into play, currently on a RP23 HV that will be PUSHed once I get my grubby hands on a Roco. This will be my first coil shock on any bike.

    Any while we're at it, which reducer kit do I need to fit this to the RFX? Universal Cycles seems to list most of the available 6 and 8mm sizes on their page if that helps.

    Much apperciated Homies.
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    Seeing as you have a RP23 for XC days I'd go with the WC for the ultimate plushness. However, if you are planning on using the coil shock as a All Mountain ride, then get the TST to improve the climbing on-the-fly.

    We'll make sure you get the right reducer kit for your RFX at and we offer 10% off Marzocchi shocks and forks, we just can't advertise that.
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    Reducer size info here.

    There are a lot of TST Rocos on Turners out there, less WCs. I honestly don't hear complaints from either camp. I have a TST, and based on the stunning ride quality it offers I have no desire to change it to a WC. I do use the TST lever at times and like having it.
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    The TST feature is great if you do a lot of climbing, you can effectively lock the shock out or firm it up as much as you like. Everything I wished Fox propedal did.

    The WC has much better damping feel IMHO. Less linear, more speed sensitive, rebound felt better too. Still a great pedaling shock.

    I think it depends on what kind of riding you do, if you climb a lot and not too many big drops get the TST. If this is your FR bike, get the WC for better DH/FR performance at the cost of climbing efficiency.

    PS, you can use the stock Turner (fox) reducers on the roco, although the marzocchi ones are more durable

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