Its 13' 160 CTD 34 set @ 150mm and using a 14' FIT damper. Using the Fox recommended 25% of sag 150 x 25% or 37.5mm which equates to 175 psi in descent mode. I have the rebound set @ 8 clicks of 14 and ride the fork in trail mode. The forks performs really well but it felt like it was riding kinda low in its travel. It wasnt diving or skipping but the O-ring looked like i was closer to a possibly 30% + sag. The only causality i can think of is that when Fox replaced the 13' OB damper with the 14' FIT damper they either recycled the old fluid or underfilled the fluid when they replaced it. Fox recommends only 30mm of fluid in each leg whereas i've read time and time again about people adding as much as 20mm more fluid in each legs resulting in improved performance. So, my next step is going to perform a oil change but i'd like to survey other burner/35 150 CTD owners to ask if theyve made any changes to their forks oil levels with good results. TIA