x-post from DH:

Color me Tempted..
...to buy a Lyrik DH coil to replace the 66 light on the Highline.

Anyone care to comment on the dampening comparison. In a way more descriptive than "MoCo is waay better than any marz dampener".

For me it seems the RS has 'superior dampening', while the 66 is bombproof and has ETA(travel adjust) for steeper climbs. I do climb on 80% of my rides. The 66 is 2006 vintage and has been a GREAT shock----> no I don't want to sell it!

Also the stiffness of the 66 is prolly superior to the Lyrik. comments?

OTOH, the Lyrik will shave 1+ lbs off a 38lb rig. Almost always a bonus.

Anyone with experience here?