Hi there I live in Thailand. Choices here are very limited and since last month the TREK Fuel ex 4 has come on the market. It is one of the very few FS bikes available on the market and importing a bike is not feasible due to he very high import duty. Can anyone tell me if they have experience with this bike and recommend it as I only see the higher specs being written about? The trails here are single track, quite hilly and rocky and I already own a 2013 TREK MAMBA that I upgraded with a complete Shimano XT drive train and DT Swiss 1600 tires and DT Swiss XMM 100 SS fork which I Love but I would like to add a FS bike to it. I should be able to do some reasonable upgrades to the EX Fuel 4 over time so I am most interested in feedback on the frame and rear suspension as I will not be able to upgrade those here. Thank you in advance, any feedback is very welcome as I am still relatively new to the sport