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    New question here. Trek Fuel EX 2012 Rear Shock Issues

    Hi everyone,

    After doing a DIY suspension stripping, I have managed to bugger something up!

    I was refitting the rear shock from my Trek Fuel EX 2012 and because it was so tight on the bottom mounting the LBS said just loosen the main bottom frame pivot. Stupidly i jumped into it without thinking and just loosened the outer nut on the bottom pivot. Which still does not allow me to refit the shock as it is still too tight.

    So i need your guys help. How do i loosen the main pivot correctly and how to tighten it back up because at the moment (after just loosening the nut) it won't tighten back up and just spins!

    I see that the out nut houses a inner hex bolt but i don't know what size that is. Do you hold the out nut in place while tightening up the hex bolt?

    Any help would be much appreciated save me having to go to the LBS looking foolish.


    Trek Fuel EX 2012 Rear Shock Issues-img_2691.jpg
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