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    Caution;  Merge;  Workers Ahead! Trek Frame Paint Chipping

    Hello guys,i'm new in this group.
    I wanted to talk about something which has been bothering me since i bought my bike from,LIONS CYCLE,dhaka.
    I Currently live in Dhaka,Bangladesh.

    My Trek Marlin 2013 frame paint which is "true blue" is chipping paint very easily.First i thought i may have hit something hard.Later this problem just got worse -_-
    I even put full frame protective film,over over the bikes frame.
    The blue paint is STILL chipping on some areas,revealing a White layer.
    i recently had a crash too,which completly bruised off 2 huge areas of the rear upper tube of the frame,because my derailleur hanger broke,the derailleur got loose,stuck on the chain and i was at ~30kmph travelling down a slope.
    Trek Frame Paint Chipping-dsc00197.jpgTrek Frame Paint Chipping-dsc00199.jpg
    You can see the pictures to get an example.I dont know if its common or what...But i expected some good quality paintjob at least from TREK.
    The Store i bought the bike from,just lets me off by sating "put blue nailpolish on those areas"
    As far as i know,Trek frames do have at least a year of paint and decals Warranty :/
    My Bike is around just 8 months old now.This problem started right after 1 month after i bought the bike.

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    no answers :'(

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