I just picked up a 2008 Trek EX9 frame, and want to use as many on-hand parts as I can. The 2008 model has 120mm of travel in the rear, and was spec'd with a Talas 90-130mm in the front. I have a Fox Float that was a 140mm, but I lowered it to 100mm. It now has an axle to crown measurement of 480mm. I could play with it to bring it back to 120mm, but don't really feel like messing with it at the moment. Would this mess with the feel or handling of the bike significantly? As for riding style, I'm riding XC stuff with only occasional technical (and no more than intermediate) sections as part of a bigger XC ride.

I'm not a very picky rider as far as being finicky about bike behavior, but I just want to see if there is anything really out of bounds about using that Float set at 100mm.