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    Trek bike stores and Trek online

    Can someone explain what's going on with these stores? Are they factory stores that are at risk of cutting out the local dealers? If a bike is sold there does a local dealer get a percentage of the sale?

    I've also heard Trek is selling bikes online.... if that's the case does the local dealer get a percentage of the sale or not?
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    Trek Connect was launched at Trek World earlier this year. My understanding is that right now it's only for US customers with the local Trek store getting a commission form each sale,

    If a bike is ordered it is shipped to the local Trek dealer for assembly and fitting, it is not shipped directly to the end user. Again, the shop gets a commission for the sale.

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    I hope the site is work in progress. Some Geo numbers are missing for Fuel and Remedy. Hi/lo for example is not complete.

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    Customers buys bike on trek on-pine store.

    Bike is only shipped to their local Trek store.
    Customer pays assembly fee.
    I can't recall if the store gets a cut or anything from the actual sale from on-line. I know they said it's not hurting them by the customer buying the bikes this way.

    Some questions did come up though.
    What happens if the bike customer ordered was wrong size?
    A few others one. I didn't pay much attention to. I wouldn't go around my LBS on ordering a bike
    Too Many .

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