Hi folks I have never posted here and I am actually a flatlander now that grew up in steamboat and the west slope in the 70,s 80,s .
I have a new Trek 4500 alum frame ,mens 26 in. it is 2001 yr. "brand new" unassembled" in the box it has rock shox forks and I think that is mostly what I wrote down .
It was a contest prize in 2001 and just sat and I am disabled pretty bad(epilepsy) and need to sell it for the best $ to raise money to get ph. internet on for me and d.d.(9) .
So what,s a good asking $ for this bike . when I run an add, been meaning to for yrs and now it is a must . I,m still a freind of jerrys (R.I.P.) and really need some solid advice pls. Thanks Rick in wichita ks. . "Peace"