For anyone that owns Carbon Treks. You may/may not already be using this stuff
but this is common on the Ibis forum and I wanted to pass on this information to other carbon frame owners. Helicopter/leading edge/surface guard tape has been around forever.....but it also works very well for bikes....especially carbon bikes. There are also kits sold with this same type of material specifically for bikes but they don't work as well IMO.

This is what I use:

I prefer this because it's also a tape....most of the other stuff is a wet application method only. This goes both ways. So in some instances it's easier to apply dry....and in others wet. Plus there's a whole lot more on these rolls.

I spoke to Dan at ISC and he's been noticing a lot of people asking for this tape for bikes but he's trying to get more exposure into this market. He's a great guy and sent me a couple rolls for free. All I had to do was just do a little write up on MTBR about the stuff and he sent a kit to MBAction for them to do a little thrash test.

Anyways....if anyone is looking for a cheap, effective and super clean way to protect the carbon's finish....this is it. Let Dan know you heard about it from MTBR if you decide to give him a call.....