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Thread: Stache 7 or 8?

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    Stache 7 or 8?

    I've put an order in for the 2015 trek Stache 7, and I've got 4 weeks to wait for it, and like a dummy, I'm continuing to research. I just got into Mtb, but I'm hooked! I was only going to spend $800 on a bike, but quickly realized that you really get what you pay for. Now I'm wondering if I should have stepped up to the Stache 8? Is it worth the extra $750, or am I driving myself crazy worrying about the specs?

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    Both. Because the odds are you'll get it and want to upgrade it anyway, so the stache 8 would have made those upgrades cheaper. With that said, my friend has a 7, he's been rough, crashed, banged it on stuff, and generally not been too picky with maintenance. Only changed bar and stem I believe. It has been a super solid bike, and he still likes it more than a year later.
    I think I'd be fine with the 7, and then upgrade to exactly what you want, when you beat stuff up and or wear it out, do it piece by piece and save some up for what you want. The frame is a fine bit, and that's the main concern in my opinion. I'd stay the course and rock the 7, especially if you like how it looks, I think you're good with what you got.
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    The Fox fork needs an aftermarket rework. The SLX brakes are better. The drivetrain is 1x11 instead of 2x10.
    A brake upgrade is $122 from Ribble.
    I would spend the extra $540 for a Superfly 9.6 carbon bike.

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    Just buy whichever fits into your budget best. The Stache is an awesome bike with the most awesome part being that of the frame so you're already on to a winner there!

    Personally I'd go with the 8 because the bike screams for a 1x drivetrain (I made mine 1x10 as soon as I bought it having had a long term demo 8) and good brakes will only add to your enjoyment so I'd personally go with the 8, plus the colours for this years' 8 look as fantastic as ever although I do like the Orange on the 7 too. However, I wouldn't worry about the specs, just ride whichever you decide on...

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    I know for me the biggest factor between these bikes is the drivetrain. Personally I prefer the 2x10, so makes the choice easy for me. I'm not sure how durable the 11spd cassettes are but it costs about 5-6 times as much to replace as the 10 psd so if you do a lot of miles that may be something to consider as well.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I think I will stick with the Stache 7. Even though the 1X11 sounds intriguing, I'm just getting back in the sport, and 2x10 gearing will probably be a better fit. Plus, with the $750 saved from sticking with the 7 vs 8, I'll be able to plunk that money down on a value priced fatbike or singlespeed next year!
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