For some time now I have been riding my 08 Remedy with a monarch rc3+ (amazing shock, perfect for this frame) that has been internally reduced to effectively have a 2.0 stroke instead of the standard 2.25. This doesn't mean that the shock sits .25" in to the stroke but rather the last .25" of it are not used - keeping the geo of the standard size shock.

I really like the ride of the bike with the reduced rear travel, it has a snappy feel and the climbing ability has only become better. Our trails in SE MI don't ever require the full travel this bike has to offer so this seems to work perfectly.
My question is this - would using a 7.875 x 2.0 shock not produce an even better, trail oriented, Remedy? I know it would slacken it out a tad, and drop the bb the same, but am I just messing with an already good thing?

With many companies releasing "TR" versions (short travel, slack geo) of their bikes I'm considering making a Remedy TR - thoughts? Anyone had a go at this already?

I run the bike as it is now with a 32 float 150 up front, a marz 55 160 for the bigger stuff.