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Thread: Which Saddle??

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    Which Saddle??

    My liquid came with the bontrager race lite saddle which was kind of comfortable at first but the more i ride it the more uncomfortable it gets. Im considering maybe a WTB Rocket V Race but wanted to know from you guys which saddles you recommend.
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    I never got on with any of the WTB's (rocket or shadow) and have found that the hammock shape of the Fizik (gobi) fits really well and is much more comfortable. I also felt that the relatively square sides of the WTB's were digging into my bones.

    As we're all different shapes and sizes I expect that you'll get many different answers.

    See if any mates will let you have an hour or so ride to try their saddles.

    Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Farqui
    As we're all different shapes and sizes I expect that you'll get many different answers.

    That is correct!

    In fact, I like the WTB Speed V saddle on my Saber, but on the Fuel I'm still using the stock Bonty Race. In fact, I was going to get a Bonty for my Saber, but I thought I'd try the WTB out.

    Maybe try a friend's saddle and get an idea or go to a shop and see if they'll let you try before you buy?
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    If you are looking for a lightweight saddle that is also comfortable try a serfas stinger rs. With TI rails and weighing in at around 190 grams for only 75 isn't too bad and it is very comfortable.

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