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    Rumblefish II 29er: Need new Front Rim


    Two years of desert riding has destroyed my front rim beyond true-ing repair.

    What do you recommend for a new wheel-set?

    I'm leaning towards the Stan ZTR Flow 29 as I want to stay around $500 for the set.


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    A set of Flows are on the list of things to get for my Rumblefish. Haven't ridden them but have heard nothing but good things about them. I'm waiting to taco the Bontragers that are on there first before I upgrade.

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    You could just get another rim and have the wheel rebuilt. The bontrager Rims are pretty strong. Maybe even stonger than flows.

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    Agreed. Dusters > Flows, imho.
    Worked at Trek/Fisher dealer 2008-2013. Only a little biased.

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    For $500 I would buy Sun Ringle Charger Pro wheels. For $100 I would buy a Duster rim and fix the original.

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    I say ZTR Flow. I am 255 lbs. suited up and hammer the snot out of mine on high speed, roots, rocks, and wheel twisting log overs through dizzying single track. Been running them for about 1 year now and have not had to touch the front wheel. I had to have the rear trued after several consecutive race weekends of nightmarish rocks at Bear Creek, PA and Michaux State Forest. I was so exhausted from the punishment that I couldn't bring myself to stand up when I should have riding a hardtail. That rear wheel has several hundred more miles on it now. Do not forget, I am 255 lbs.

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