I am trying to tune in the rear suspension a bit; tune out some of the harshness that happens when hitting those isolated logs that you just want to loft the front wheel over but not necessarily want to bunny hop. When the rear initially hits, it soaks it, but seems to hop-up rather abrubtly once I the rear wheel has begun to go over / past the log. I have adjusted the red knob (rebound ?) on the shock in both directions and this seems to do only minor improvements. I always run the shock in the opened switched position (No Propeddle) because I think that the bike is so free from peddle induced bob to begin with, and what little there is doesn't effect me, I would rather have the ride a bit more plush. The only solution that works but creates other issues is more sag. Someone has suggested a large canister shock body to replace the stock RP23, has anyone experienced the issue I have discribed and has anyone modified the shock to the larger volumn air canister? I know everyone is going to say PUSH it, but I am not sure I want to send it off, my shop can install the large canister and if it has shown to be successful this is where I would want to start.