First post!

I've been shopping around for years for a 29er; at 6'7 and 190lbs (happily down from 230 a few years ago) my 21" 2001 Kona Caldera was spending more time on the wall than on the road -- MUCH more time. The Really Tall Seat post made it rideable, but had me tilted way forward.

I dug it out anyway a few times and was puttering about on the roads. Decided to look at a a couple of other bikes (Specialized and Trek, mainly, just for ease of finding and trying a 23" frame.

Rode a 23" Wahoo, and the geometry fit -- the not-so-LBS had the ability to order a 2012 23" X-Cal for not much more than a 2013 Mamba, so that was a no-brainer for me. Put a set of slightly more streety tyres on it for now to get some training done. We'll see when I have the time to get up onto the trails!

Haven't had a chance to get it out much, but the short hops I've done are impressive. Love the 29" wheels on the road, for sure.