I thought Id share some pics of my most recent upgrade.
Im a big boy (300#+) and only rode a few times last year before the weather got cold up here in Seattle. I knew almost immediately Id want a brake upgrade but what to upgrade to. As some of you know the options are endless. Well, after perusing around and posting a couple times in "Brake Time" I decided on a set of Shimano Deore XT with 203mm discs.
The install was super easy and done within a couple hours (two separate days and my first time with hydraulic brakes).
This was pretty much a bolt on deal. Plenty of clearance for the larger 203mm discs and one day I may shorten the hose leading to the rear brake as its a bit long. For now theres no rubbing and plenty of stopping power. I can't wait for these to be fully broke in

Mamba with Deore XT/203 discs-12543963063_070e16d86b_b.jpg Mamba with Deore XT/203 discs-12543965243_81c46d4012_b.jpg Mamba with Deore XT/203 discs-12544321774_50ea22270f_b.jpg Mamba with Deore XT/203 discs-12544323294_2cb7064d96_b.jpg