OK. So i bought this bike back in 2001 and have gotten good use out of it. I no longer ride a much as I use so i though of getting a hybrid like the Trek 7.3. But then i though about what I would do with my Alpha, and that when when I started wondering about just changing the handle bar, shifter and break levers and "building" my own hybrid. So I jumped on hashbar/performancebik/etc ready order part and now i have questions. I've written to Trek but no response yet.

1. Handlebar - I plan to replace the road bar with a mountain bike bar. What is the size of the current bar clamp on the Alpha. I do not plan to change th stem

2. What "affordable" trigger shifters are compatible with the Shimano Sora components on the Alpha?

Greatly appreciate all the expert feedback I will be receiving!! :-)