How are you finding DRCV

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  • 10-23-2012
    I just had to take my fork back in for the 3rd time. This time the lockout stopped working. He said it was a valve of some kind. They are working with Trek this time (instead of Fox) he asked me if I was happy with the fork and I said no. I asked if they could replace it with a non DRCV. He said since the only non-DRCV forks are on the Slash and have more travel there would be some voiding of the frame warranty issues.

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  • 10-23-2012

    Originally Posted by OGWGFIWRT View Post
    The pressure suggested in Trek's chart seems way high. To get full travel out of my DRCV Float I need to run about 60% to 70% of the recommended pressure. With pressure dropped it is much better feeling and more balanced.

    The rear shock seems about right at suggested pressure.

    I've been finding the same thing on my Fuel EX 9. The recommended pressures on the Trek website run the fork so stiff, again, I run them down about 60-70% recommended and then I use the lockout with a low pressure blow off in order to keep the front end stiffened when pedaling, small bumps etc.

    I found my rear shock needed to go slightly higher then recommended otherwise, when in pro-pedal, it would push straight through to the second chamber and I would get a bit of floatiness in my pedal strokes. Added 10psi and it seemed to stiffen it up whilst still pushing the o-ring all the way to the bottom after technical rides; which is about as perfect a setup as you can hope for.

    All in all, I like the system though and finding the DRCV to really clever in how it responds to different trail conditions so seamlessly. It's PERFECT for out here where the trails are so varied.
  • 10-28-2012
    Just a curious question for everyone trying to set the correct air pressure for their forks. Did you guys go by the generalized sheet where it tells you X pounds X psi, or did you use treks online calculator. the calculator gave me a different reading (more specific) rather than the sheet that has all the recommended psi to lb categories.

    Also I'd like to say, that after I had set my suspension by the online calculator, the fork and shock were perfect. I was using all the travel in both fork and shock. I was about 3mm from the max compression when I was done my ride. So far so good.
  • 11-21-2012
    Rear DRCV shock oil leak?

    I've just bought a new Trek Fuel Ex8 - 2013 model and I it's my first bike with suspensions. After 2 weeks I've noticed that the rear shock had some oil with the piston and even the o'ring was full of oil. Is this a common issue with rear shocks?

    Also when I'm cycling on tarmac, sometimes I hear a single click noise. Can this be something in the front or rear shock?

  • 11-21-2012
    i think as long as it isn't a whole lot, you are ok. mine did the same thing. slowed down a lot but is still
    slippery which i think is normal.

    as far as the click noise. i don't know. when i am on the road or sidewalk and pedaling hard, i hear a noise that i figure is just the suspension stuff creaking.
    there are a lot of bearings in the rear end so i don't pay it much attention. but i would love to hear others opinions on that.
  • 11-23-2012
    Great Fork
  • 02-11-2013

    Originally Posted by rfxc View Post
    Just got back from a week in breck, crested butte, steamboat, and winter park. My 2011 remedy, with 2012 drcv fork, did it all. I tuned it a little lss than trek recommended psi, and it was amazing.

    Rainmaker, the drops on no quarter, trestle dh run, this bike is way more capable than I would have thought.

    Wasn't sure i'd like the linear feel of DRCV, but man i fell in love with it at winter park.

    175lbs rider with gear, 175psi in the rear shock, 75 psi in fork.

    I really can't believe this.? I also have issues as does i suspect everyone who rides this bike hard. I have the 2011 remedy, and i run it with 30 psi more than trek advise for my weight, and it still bottoms out on some 2-3ft drops. sure, on some 4ft drops it doesnt, but i guess it depends on the topograpy. This bike is great for people who don't ride my opinion it is a good cross country bike/medium trails bike. does not do big hits....period. Trek have mis-sold this as an AM bike....which it isn't. If i could afford it, i'd take them to court...
  • 03-12-2013

    i just got my 2013 R8 a few days ago..and had trouble setting up the front drcv...if the sag correctly measured according to my weight, i dont get 150mm full travel(only 140mm)..if i pumped more air, the travel increase to 150mm but with only little sag...and between intervals i do ride to compress the fork more than 60%..but still the result is either one..can somebody please advise me
  • 03-13-2013
    I have a 2012 Rumblefish pro , had it for 4 months,

    I initially found the rear had a bit of a sluggish feeling , and a bit too much bob when pedaling, which made it feel slower than I like,

    Went an extra 10 psi and an extra click on the rebound than recommended , and the bike just came alive ,

    I would say dont give up and keep experimenting if things dont feel right.