• 10-17-2012
    How should my forks feel? Could any 2013 Fuel EX 8 owner's please help me?

    I bought a 2013 Fuel EX8 about 2 weeks ago. I'm new to FOX shocks and MTB in general, I'm looking for some answers. When I bought the bike I was shown how to use the 3 settings trail, climb, descend. I specifically noticed the climb setting behaving similar to a lock-out. I understand it's not a true lockout but to me it felt very close to one while pushing down on the handlebars there was very little travel. A day later I went to dial in the rebound according to the TREK website. For my weight the settings were Rebound 10, 65 psi. The fork stop behaving like a lockout and to me all 3 settings felt the same.
    LBS agreed and sent the fork back to FOX. When the fork came back they added a trail adjust feature for the trail setting. I dialed in my settings again and honestly did not notice a difference. Fork still felt squishy in all three settings.
    Now the rear shock I believe behaves perfect. There is noticeable rebound between trail and descend and very little travel when in climb. This is in my mind how the front should behave.

    Could any 2013 owners chime in on how the front suspension behaves in relation to the rear?
    Is the travel the same in all three settings with the only difference being the rebound speed?

    Did you notice that it appeared stiff in climb at first? (very little travel)

    Did it eventually break in to the point that if you stood up and put your weight on the forks there was considerable more travel? If so how does the bike ride while in climb? Is it possible to stand up and climb? According to FOX the fork is designed to climb seated? Something which I do not necessarily believe.

    According to FOX this is normal behavior for the fork. I haven't given it a ride yet before I get some more opinions.

    Thanks in advance for any responses.
  • 10-17-2012
    I got to demo 5 2013 bikes on the trails a few weeks back (FUEL 9.8, Fuel 9, Rumblefish Pro, Superfly Elite , Slash9) ...all with CTD suspension. I'll be honest, I did a lot of flipping of the suspension while I was riding, and I couldn't tell a huge difference between them. I just thought it might be in my head or me not doing something right...and maybe that's still the case, but it's interesting how you are experiencing the same thing.
  • 10-18-2012
    I have the 2013 Fuel EX 8. I have took it out 4 times on the trails. Each of the times the front and back fork seems to break in more and feel better. When I purchased the bike at my LBS, they said the shocks would take a few rides for them to break in.

    I do have an issue with my front fork not staying in the climb position. I was hoping this would work itself out. I will be taking it back to my LBS where I purchased it and have them fix it.

    When my front fork is in the Climb setting, it does not lock out completely. There is a little movement. When it is on the Trail setting, to me it seems like the front and back fork is a little stiffer with less travel. When it is on Descend, it is plush and with full travel.

    I'm a big guy, so I am maxing my rear shock air pressure. I weigh 260 & I'm 5' 11" tall with an inseam of 33".

    I take my pump with me on the trails and will adjust my air pressure and rebound setting throughout my ride to see what the difference is and if I can find that perfect setting. However, since the shocks are new, I am sure the break in period will take a few more rides and adjustments.

    Perhaps someone with more experience can chime in on this.
  • 04-07-2013
    Hey guys, maybe you solved all this already but here is my short experience.

    Just bought the Ful EX9 2013. The last owner rode it only 3 days. Guess the break in is done...
    Just riding around in town I could feel a noticeable difference between all CTD settings. I did not pay attention to trail adjust yet though...
    One important thing with Fox forks and shocks on Trek bike is the DRCV. There is a special procedure to follow for adjusting sag. I don't know to which extend it will impact on CTD behavior but having the right air pressure is the first step in having any air fork work right.
    Have a look at TrekŪ 32 FLOAT DRCV

    Good luck!
  • 04-08-2013
    I solved this by returning the bike. I'm now on a Superfly 100 AL Elite, my forks don't have the DRCV anymore but they do have CTD and they work perfect. I'm convinced I got a lemon on that Fuel EX8. Either that or I did not set it up properly. Thanks for the replys.