Hey all,

I finally registered here after having spent a good deal of time cruising the site, reading reviews, etc and thought that there might be someone here who can help with some model info on my baby...

She's a Trek 955 OS (hardtail) and if placed side by side with my nephew's 2005 4300 you'd be looking at nearly identical bikes albeit the new 4300 has a few more gears to play with and disc brakes. All in all, it looks like my ride was either originally fitted with better components than the 4300 or had some decent upgrades over the years.

This bike came to me with Deore components, Rock Shocks (Judy's), and I'm not sure if the Fire X crankset was original or perhaps a replacement. My Trek lore is still pretty limited.

I picked her up for a song and of there's a great deal thread, she belongs there... I had to completely rebuild the drivetrain as her previous owner looks as if they logged many many thousands of (off road) miles and had really worn out all but the lower chain ring and rear cassette.

I figure the bike to be no older than a 2000 (there's a 1999 World Champion emblem) and was wondering if the 955 OS is the all aluminum version of the 950 ?

I'd appreciate any help, could post some pictures if needed, and have to say this is a great place for someone who loves to or rather, lives to ride.