Hello ppl!

Does anyone have any experience on how would new Pike fit Fuel? I am thinking of getting 150 mm Pike and changing it to 140, if 150 proves too much (which could be possible 'cos of higher ATC than Fox).

So, any experience with how this bikes rides with +2 cm of ATC compared to stock, or even 3 cm since RS has higher ATC?

PS: My bike is already "AM built", and I kinda abondened it's "trail" capabilities with putting 140 Fox fork, 40 mm stem, 750 bar etc... I really like how it rides this way, and everyone that tried do aswell, but I wanted to try +1 cm up front and 15 TA instead of 9 mm QR that I now have.

Frame is now stock 130/130 and looks much stiffer than 2012. versions and prior.

Thank You!