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    Frame Size... Why do I like a bigger frame.

    I am 5' 9' with a 30 inseam. Right now I have a Trek 6500 with a 19.5 frame. I have an old Specialized M2 with a 19 frame and my Trek 2.3 Road bike is a 56cm.

    I am looking to get a Fuel 9, I have tested the Fuel 8 (bike shops do not have a 9) with 18.5 and 19.5 frame. I like the 19.5 better, I dont know if that is because it is what I am use to? I seem to like more cockpit room, so that is why I like the bigger frame. Most bike stores tell me I should be on a 17.5 or 18.5, but after I ride them and get on a 19.5, I want the 19.5. Am I crazy ?

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    Re: Frame Size... Why do I like a bigger frame.

    Not crazy. Some people like to have more room to move about the bike.
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    I'm with you. I'm 5'9" and the LBS was trying to get me into a 17.5" but once I rode it it didn't feel right. I rode the 19.5" and it felt right and comfortable. I did ride a Specialized 19" frame but it didn't feel as comfortable as the Trek. Go with what feels right for you. After all you will be the one riding it.

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    I have the same issue. My LBS put me in a 17.5 on my last bike and it feels a little bit cramped on my next bike I will be stepping up to a 19.5 I have ridden a couple recently and they fit much better. For me it has to do with have a very long torso. I am 5'10" and have 30.5 inseam with my shoes on, so it really makes finding a bike that fits me for standover height and reach very difficult. My buddy and I traded bikes on the trail last night, I have 2013 Xcal. and he has a 2 week old ex 9 29er. Couldn't believe how well his bike fit me.

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    I tried a 17.5" and a 18.5", I would need to try again before I buy, but I liked the feel of the 18.5 frame better. For some reason the 17.5 inch felt like the handle bars would hit me knees if I turned sharply and was crouched or sitting. I did not get that feel on the 18.5. I am 5'7" with a 30" inseam. Funny, if I stood over both frames and lifted the bike, they both felt like that had the same amount of room (not a lot). It might be because the 17.5 inch top bar come up so sharply, and the 18.5 does not, but they both end up about the same at the headset area

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    If it was only about cockpit room, you could put a longer stem on a smaller frame, but the short wheelbase could make you feel unstable and weight distribution would be front-biased.

    A larger frame is more stable to ride and not necessarily any slower to steer with a shorter stem. I'm not surprised people like them. See those guys speaking for smaller frames? Their only argument seems to be that the bike is more playful and flickable. It can make for a fun ride but also a challenge to ride competitively.

    Some people say pick the largest frame you can fit under your nuts and still reach the bar.

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    You have a short inseam measurement. You need the cockpit space of the 19.5 because of your torso length.

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