Well...not too bad. After 340 some-odd days, I managed to get my '06 Cake 2 DLX to chain suck for the first time today. I don't know what they did for the '06 Cakes, but dang, I had to work to get it

My driveline was already due for a good cleaning and for a chain rotation before I started my ride today. Started off trying one little length of singletrack near my place....after going about 50 ft in (just a little bit that drops into the lower part of a creek) I knew it was a case of "no way in heck, Batman"... waaaaaaayy too slopy to ride it without tearing it up. I bailed back up to the paved trails and to try to get the dead grass, mud and crap out of the crank and cassette. Did a bit of a ride on the pavement and decided the multiuse trails may be worth a go on the way home.

Last year, the City I live in did major work on the MUTs...they were basically turned into golf cart paths with at least 6" of fresh gravel laid down in most areas. Well, it didn't help. Where there wasn't ice, there was slush, where there wasn't slush, there was about 3-4" of wet, sloppy, sticky high-plastic Alberta mud over 3-4" of slightly better stuff where the gravel settled to. After slogging my way through a chunk of it, I had one big hill left to get back up to the paved trails for the km home.

The hill was tough slogging, sloppy and loose. I found that the only way to keep going forward and up was to drop into full-on granny (22-34), get on the nose of the saddle, get my body parallel and put a lot of power down hard. The new Contis I'm running managed to bit well with the 1.9 snaking its way down to the slightly more firm stuff below...still churning the gravel up and cutting loose, but it kept the bike moving through the slop. As I'm just about to the crest of the hill, my driveline was more mud (with some gravel thrown in for good measure) than anything else, "grrrr-chunk" and the cranks stop.

I hopped off the bike and had a look...I had the chain caught above chainstay (not enough clearance between the stay protector and the crank arm for it to drop back down) and a whole heck of a lot of mud. It was easy enough to clear...turned the cranks a hair and got the chain to drop and then everthing was fine (the chain had released from the crank just fine too). Overall conclusion...probably just too much muck and not enough time to clear it that lead to the suck.

I'm duly impressed by whatever Fisher did to the Cakes for '06....everyone told me chain suck would be a regular occurrance on the Cake...so far, it has only happened once and I really had to try for it at that!