I was cleaning my Superfly 9.7 FS earlier this week and found a crack in the top of the top tube. I bought the bike new in AUG-2014 and was hoping it would last a little longer.

So, does Trek ever offer an upgrade option? What I mean is, if I wanted to go to a Top Fuel since technically the Superfly FS is no longer offered. I did contact Trek warranty support and they said there are still plenty of Superfly FS frames in stock. Is there any reason for me to move up to a Top Fuel? I like the Superfly, but haven't ridden a Top Fuel to see if it really offers any benefit, especially considering I'd have to pay something for the upgrade, if it was even an option.

The crack is about 3" long and is more of a split running the length of the top tube, not a crack across the fibers. You would never see it unless I told you where it was and ran your hand along the frame to feel it. I know, I know, I am responsible for my own actions, but if the split doesn't get worse, and I'm not riding hard, is there any reason to not use the bike for occasional trail rides until the new frame gets here? This is the only bike I have with me (traveling for work) and really hate to sit around for a month with no ride.