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    Can a Crossrip carbon fork fit on a 8.5DS? Sure does!!!!

    Fits perfectly! Swapped out my defective fork on my 8.5 DS for two reasons, one bike is ridden only on the street (have a Fuel EX8 29er for off-road) and two I got tired of waiting for my replacement fork from Trek. Been over a month and still no fork, told they are on back order.

    On a brief test ride I can tell you the ride is super smooth and the bike is much more nimble. Has to be from the weight difference between the two forks. A longer ride is planned for this afternoon.

    Can't wait to see how it performs on a long ride. Cost of the fork was under $200.00 and my LBS didn't charge me any labor for the install.
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    It's not the lower weight of the fork that makes it feel more nimble, it's that you've steepened the head angle by at least 2 or 3 degrees.
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