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    Anyone run a smaller frame?

    i was just at a trek demo and rode some bikes on trails. i test rode a 19.5 remedy 27.5 and felt some discomfort in my lower back and shoulders, like i was stretched out or hunched over too much. i then test rode a 18.5 fuel 29 and it felt really good. i did ride the back of the seat for the best pedaling position.

    heres the thing, i am 6'3. the bike fitters wanted me to ride a xl or large (they didnt have a large there). i had previously rode a xl and hated it, the bike was like a school bus with handling. but the 18.5 felt amazing, i had no problems manualing sections or bunny hopping it. it also corned great. i could feel the smaller size on climbs but it never effected me

    trek says the 18.5 has a effective top tube of 24.09", and my current bike is a large with a 24" ETT and 60mm stem

    what am i doing wrong here?

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    In my opinion, and experience, I always say go with the larger frame size and run a shorter stem if you need the reach to be less.

    I made that mistake with my Remedy purchase. I bought a 17.5, but I always like to run a shorter stem than factory, so now I feel cramped on it. I'd reccomend buying the 19.5 or even larger actually if you are 6'3", then running a shorter stem.

    FS bikes always feel better and more playful with a shorter stem anyways

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    Anyone run a smaller frame?

    I'm 6' 2.5" and love the fit of the Fuel EX29 in 21". I like a long TT with short stem. What's your cycling inseam?(cycling shoes on, back against the wall, book crammed up the crotch)

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