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    2014 Trek X-caliber 8 questions

    Okay, so I recently purchased a Trek X-caliber 8 and the first thing I noticed after a ride is the front brakes rubbing. For some reason the internet tells me it should have the Shimano m-395, but they are the m-445 instead.

    I need to reset the calibers I believe, and I figured they would loosen by the two torx heads on the side (which made fluid leak out). I am talking about the front brakes by the way (if that makes a difference).
    So now I need to bleed the brakes and reset the caliper, but I have an issue. I need the spacers I believe, and the bike did not come with them and I cannot find them for sale anywhere but in the UK.
    I have a big ride planned this weekend, so I do not think anything coming from Europe will do me any good. Suggestions on this issue?

    What upgrades would you recommend to make this a better bike?

    Thank you,


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    Do you have a loss of lever pressure? You may not HAVE to bleed if your brakes are still engaging.
    Locate the two bolts that hold the caliper to the fork. Loosen those. Squeeze the brake and hold it. Tighten the two bolts.
    Release the brake lever. The bleed block is just a spacer to keep the pistons in place with the pads removed. A piece of wood will work.

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    No go eb. Thank you though!

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