Hi all,

Actually posting this on behalf of a mate. He has a 2010 Carbon Remedy and there is some noticeable play in the lower suspension mount (where the chain-stays connect to the seat tube). The bike was unused for the first year or so of its life but has been ridden pretty hard for the last year.

Looking at the suspension diagram in the link below we can see there is a spacer/bush that goes through the seat tube (part number W302004). Sorry the diagram is not clear but I've highlighted the part. Its just a alloy spacer which fits in the frame and the the bolt goes through it.

It seems that only the 2010 carbon remedy has this and we're just wondering if it was a known issue (hence why it was changed?) and if anyone knows if this could be the cause of the play? Or it could be the actual bolt? We're hoping its not the frame.

Local Trek dealer was no help and we've been unable to find the spacer online anywhere. So if anyone knows where we could order one that would be a big help?

Any help or advise would be welcome.