I'm looking to get back into biking and have lurked here for awhile. My son's desires to ride/get into xc and ride together is no small part of this. I had a Specialized (can't even remember the model) around 15 years ago and had all kinds of issues with it so I've shied away from those and have primarily been looking at the Fishers now - everything I've read on the Genesis Geometry has been excellent and it seems, after the frame, all the companies have basically the same components, just different set ups.

My question here deals with experience/price on the above bikes. The '05 Tass my son is sold on - 15.5", he's 11 and will be able to grow into it for a couple of years. He saved $350 or so from b-day's and Xmas and the bike is $439. Shimano LX rear der., Deore front der. and shifters

I'm looking at the 29'er 2004 129 (19 Shimano XT rear der., LX front and gear shifters. I'm around 6' tall, athletic 245 pounds. These will be used for a lot of street riding, but plan to beat on them quite a bit too (the stairs were fun on our test rides). its selling for $1099. There is also a 19" '05 Tass Disc for around $825 or so that I test rode - I liked the shocks on that better but the shifting and brakes were not as smooth as the Dual Sport.

Any opionions on the bikes/price points?