I put an 07 XTR crank on my EX9 about a month ago, and am having some clearance issues. The drive side crank arm makes contact with the chainstay when I am pushing hard on the cranks. Yes, everything is setup correctly and tightened to specs, and the main axl bearing is tight (was recently overhauled with new bearings and loctite 680 per Trek's spec). There is plenty of clearance when there is no pressure on the crank, but when I really push (hills, sprints, etc) on the non-drive side, there is enough torque to cause rubbing as the drive side arm passes the chainstay. There is a narrower q-factor with the XTR crank than the bontrager stock crank, but according to the tech at Trek, I shouldn't be having any issues with XTR. My LBS can't figure it out, so Trek said to send it back to them to have a look at it... only trouble is I'm out of a bike for 3 weeks, and they might just tell me the XTR is too narrow after all. Has anyone else had this issue? If it's just a compatability thing, I'd rather not go through the headache of sending my ride in to Trek, but if others are running this setup with no problems I guess I need to send it off?

Sorry to be long winded.