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    What Monarch plus tune for 27.5 Bandit?

    I've got a 27.5 bandit which with 150 pikes on the front. The bike is fantastic but I feel the CTD shock doesn't give enough support in the mid stroke. I mailed Transition and Lars suggested either the Float X or Monarch Plus and said the Float X with M,M tune was excellent on his bandit.
    Unfortunately Fox are about 30% more costly than RS in the UK.

    Anybody running a Monarch Plus RC3 on their 27.5 Bandit? What tune are running?
    My CTD shock has the biggest volume reducer in it, does suggest that the new Debonair shocks would be to linear for the Bandit?

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    Only tangentially related, but as nobody else seems to be getting back to you -

    I built up a bandit (29) about a month ago, and opted for the float-x. I can't tell you if its better or worth the price differential over the monarch plus, but I can say it is a fantastic shock and a huge improvement over the inline rp23 based fox products. I was running a CCDB on my last bike and feel as if I have given up very little (other than adjustiblity that I didnt use) over that shock.

    Not sure about xfusion prices over there, but consider the vector air as well.

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