Transition used to offer a very slick, simple bearing replacement tool direct on their website. Nice that they still offer bearings directly to eliminate any doubt, but Any idea why they stopped on the tool? What are people using now - RWS, Enduro, Wheels, RRP? Looking for a real nice heavy press tool (not slide hammer) that fits the application right, not a jury rigged solution from home depot.;jsessionid=2EF1419372D02EE902E5F9 BC73D1CE6A.cfusion?Token={ts_2011-10-03_00:47:22}-52514641&C=3915&o=3898&P=1549&CFID=16682994&CFTOKE N=107bc9fd89b8c587-DA5DEFD0-96B7-136A-E8B8FD23A4C69985

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