So ive been riding a lot of resort DH and bike parks this summer, and ive been using my covert, which is pretty damn good for what it is, and its great to have a bike that i can ride up local trails as well. But ive also got a 150mm fork'd hardtail thats really taken over as my trail bike. and i only use my covert for the more rough gnarly trails that you still need to bike up. otherwise the hardtail's just as good and better on climbs.

so anyways, ive been kinda building up the covert into a freeride bike, started out with an rp23, went to a coil shock, 3c compound 2.5 DHF's (which roll so slow!) shorter stem, wider bars, and have been planning on going further with maybe a vengeance fork or a marzocchi 55. but i feel like im trying to turn it into something its not, it now weights around 37 lbs, and lost a lot of that light poppy super quick feeling it used to have, its still fun in the bike park, but even then its like i got this bike that weights as much as some DH bikes, but with 6 inches of travel and less than ideal geo. and for trails, swapping tires helps, but its only fun when you are hauling ass downhill, otherwise its too sluggish. even if i went back to a light build, then its even closer to the hardtail thats kinda taken over that part of my riding.

So, ive been looking at bikes like the 250, diamondback scapegoat, NS soda. something that is meant for bike parks, but can still pedal up when i want to. after riding a friends bottlerocket he demoed, the thing must have weighed like 40+ and i swear i could pedal it as well as my covert. thats kinda when i realized somethings wrong. and the thing about a 7 inch freeride bike, is that I could do a decently light build and still come in with more travel and better geo than the covert.

my other thought was to try out the carbon covert, more rear wheel travel, slightly better geo for me, could even stick an angleset on there, good shock and a marz 55 or vengeance fork, and i could have a good mid weight bike that would DH and bike park a little better than my current covert, but be light enough that i could go back to using it to more of my local trails.

sorry that was a lot, i just feel like ive got an AM bike thats built up to freeride but it cant do either that well.