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    Scout, excellent all around trail bike but sluggish climber

    NOT knocking my Scout – it’s a smooth riding bike
    If anything, the rider needs to ride better and with better technique and body placement
    STILL work on cornering better and a F*K ton less braking.
    Anyway, does anyone find the stock aluminum bikes…a bit sluggish?
    We have a lot of climbing here in the foothills of Boise, Idaho and
    I feel like I’m pulling an extra 3-5 lbs – which really adds up.
    My body weight is below a fit BMI – so it’s not me.
    One guy here told me, regarding getting a set of light carbon hoops that
    “they would make me never regret not having a carbon frame”
    I don’t know about that – unless a nice set of wheels would drop like 2-5 lbs from this bike.
    So yeah, I’m “complaining” about the weight a bit
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    I've used my aluminium Scout (14kg/30.8lb) for some pretty epic XC rides and races and while I'd agree it's not mind-blowing on the climbs it more than makes up for it on the descents.

    FWIW, I don't think any of the bikes in the same design category (Evil Calling, Whyte T130, Kona Process 134) climb any better really.

    I'd spend the difference and get the carbon option next time but aside from that I'm not sure I could make mine much lighter without compromising its durability and confidence on the descents.

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    The smuggler comes with a light tune on the rear shock, the scout might also. I moved up to a MM tune and am liking it better. (I'm 190lbs)

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    Scout, excellent all around trail bike but sluggish climber

    I tried a 28t oval and it seemed harder to pedal than a 30t oval ring, like more wallowing. Also I have found sag is very important on pedaling platform on this bike. When I have the suspension set about right, I am surprised how efficient it feels. When set up right on a good day it feels snappier than my old Trance with maestro did.

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    From what I've seen, the pivot location is optimised for a 32T chainring. Running smaller might be actually counter-productive.

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    The Scout is an excellent climber but portly wheels make a huge difference. Lighter wheels will definitely make it feel zippy. Don't go carbon on the rims if you live in a rocky environment and ding your al rims. A nice light hubset and good lightish durable al rims will get you where you want to be.
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    My Scout is actually a very lively climber and I prefer it over the SB4.5 I had. Very well balanced and predicable in the techy climbs and easy to manage on the mundane climbs. Right now I have a Float X on it and it can handle everything. Two weeks ago my buddy and I knocked out the Triple H in Sedona and the weekend after I hit the Mag 7. Both had a significant amount of climbing and tech and the Scout never held me back.

    Also get the carbon wheels but invest in good tires. Get the Maxxis DD or the Schwable Gravity Star casings.
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    I live in Boise as well, and ride the scout with a float x and carbon wheels with not so light tires (high roller 2 and minion ss), also ride a trans am 29 and would say they actually climb about the same speed. At least i seem to top out the climbs at about the same rate. The scout is better at sitting and spinning. Not much tech here to climb but I would say its better at that too.

    Getting lighter hoops not necessarily carbon with quick engaging hubs helps a ton especially if you have poor cadence or are climbing a lot in your absolute lowest gear, which as I know first hand can happen a lot here especially if you are putting in a 30 mile day in the foothills.

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