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    Crossmax sx vs revolution wheelset

    I've got a set of crossmax sx that are tubeless. I was wondering if I would be downgrading if I switched to a revolution set. They are on a bottlerocket and I use it for everything not too much big hit stuff

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    Let me start by saying that my initial reaction is to say it is going to be a big downgrade, but there may be some reasons to switch it up.

    If you are running tubeless tires I think keeping the crossmax sx is a no-brainer.

    I'm assuming you're thinking about going to Rev 28? The 25s are prolly too small and the 32s are overkill. So if we take the 28s, the diff in weight is 527grams which is a ton for the wheels. I'm not a weight weenie but I just dropped about this much in my wheels and it is very noticeable. It's not like you're gaining strength on the Revs so I say keep the sx.

    The only reason I personally would switch is if:
    1. the Revs have a cetain color or look you're going for (and if you could sell the mavics so you're not putting any money in this thing)
    2. if your current wheels getting a bit beaten up and you want a fresh set to abuse.
    3. The sx are giving you issues

    Basically, if it aint broke, why bother? FWIW, Bike just reviewed the sx in thier mag which seems consistant with a lot of other reviews out there on them. 2012 Dirt 100: Mavic Crossmax SX - Dirt

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