I am looking at getting a new bike for pump track and maybe a bit of mellow park riding and jumping. I took a TOP for a quick spin on the pump track the other day and it was sooo much better than my 6" bike even with the shock stiffened up. The price isn't too bad for a new TOP, and if I could find a used one for under $1K that would be even better. I have also looked at the Bank and thought that it may be a bit more versitile than the TOP, while still being a good pump track bike. If I got a Bank frame I would likely build it up similar to the TOP to start - single speed, 100mm fork, etc... and then add gears and what if I feel the need. Of course, if I found a great deal on a used one I would just take it how it comes.

Has anyone ridden both of them and care to comment on how the compare? I assume the Bank might be a bit less forgiving being all aluminum, and maybe slightly less nimble as it looks like a slightly "bigger" bike for a given size. FWIW, I am 5'11, 190 lbs and 40 year old so I am not the agro rider like some other are. I am growing very fond of the pump track though - it is a lot more fun than the treadmill .