• 12-29-2012
    bandit 29 weights of parts
    just been stripping my latest purchase a 2012 bandit 29 and decided to weigh parts
    to see where i could save some weight on the bike.
    All items are stock items on the build kit 2 with sram parts and stock wheels

    wheels with no tyres or tub rear 1260g front 920g
    discs with bolts f+r 300g
    crank two rings with bash guard 825g
    bash ring from crank 70g
    BB 105g
    handle bar 330
    grips 120
    seat 250g
    seat post 340g
    stem 170g

    looking at the weights the wheels are the big one to change, would be nice to change
    crank but wheels first.
  • 12-29-2012
    TBC wheels are heavy, for sure. Bulletproof yes, but definitely heavy. I run them on my TR250 because screw it, but first upgrade on the Bandit was a Hope Pro II / ZTR Flow wheelset, which drops a pound of rotating mass - and allows easy tubeless setup, which further reduces weight.

    Beyond that, the differences are going to be smaller. Carbon bar is a good way to lose a bit of weight, and higher end drivetrain and brake components will lose some weight too but the dollar per gram ratio is much worse.
  • 12-29-2012
    yeah going to fit hope pro II with ztr rims for sure, changed stem and lost 50g and changing to carbon bar and thomson seatpost, may stick a xt crank on as well while fitting new hope BB as stock one had failed.
    Nice set of roval carbon rims would be nice.
  • 12-30-2012
    Wheelset depends on your kind of riding and your weight.

    i'm riding a wheelset with 1.600 gr. /funsport hubs + Pacenti TL28 + D-Lights/
    cpl. weight of my build is 12.7 with a Reverb.