Bandit 29 and 140 fork.

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  • 12-16-2012
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    Bandit 29 and 140 fork.
    It all started with the Covert 29", I just wanted one and waited for it.
    When the frames arrived I been told that there is no Covert.
    So I went home with M Bandit 29 frame (I am 5'10").
    Although Transition does not recommend the 140 fork on the Bandit and the CC AngleSet is even worst, I decided to give it a chance.
    I figured that the 140 will lift my BB too high and more weight will be on the rear shock so I thought that with the CC 1.5' AngleSet I can make it a bit better.
    I had only two rides with the bike and I didn't tried the 29 Bandit with 120 fork so I cant tell which is better, I just can say that It climbed like a goat with no lifting front, precis handling and a natural position, and the descending was a dream.
    My only wonderment is if to stay with the M or to move to the L frame. with the 140 the TT is a tad short, but when I shortened the fork to 120 (on the parking yard) the TT was a little longer.
    For long days on epic rides I prefer a longer TT, for FUN rides I prefer shorter TT.
    The BB height with 140 and 1.5' AS is 13.75 and with 120 is 13.25.
    More to come...
  • 12-16-2012
    What do you mean "no covert?" The Covert 29 is now available, unless something crazy just happened.
  • 12-16-2012
    :) Don't worry, there is Covert.
    I am not from USA, my LBS didn't bring the 29 Covert... yet.
  • 12-17-2012
    Nice esku! I've ridden my new 2013 bandit a handful if times now and love it. My is setup with a fox 34 130mm up front and Monarch Plus RC3 on the bike. I defintely feel dialed on the bike.
  • 11-16-2013
    Still ride the 13 b29 with 140?