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    Bandit 27.5 or 29er?

    Looking to upgrade from my Bandit 26. I live on the Front Range in CO- lots of rocks, long climbs, techy descents...I'm 5'5", run my medium 26er with a 50mm stem. So, looking at either a 2014 Bandit 27.5 or Bandit 29er. I'm a way better descender than I am a climber. I've ridden a Bandit 27.5 and loved it. It just did everything a little better than my 26, but I've never ridden a FS 29er. Leaning towards a 29er due to my lack of climbing ability, but wondering if I'll miss the extra travel and if the big wheels will be awkward for my height? And, wondering if I should go small or medium since they changed the TT for the 2014s. I know a lot of this is rider preference, but any feedback or opinions are appreciated.

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    Honestly, I think the big wheels would be a little much at your height. I'm 6'2" and dialed on a 29er. Have you seen the thread on the new Transition suspension bikes. I might be worth waiting as it looks like they will be offering several 27.5 options.

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    Yup, I've seen them. The Scout looks like the bike that I would be interested in from what I've seen thus far. I'm still going to try and ride a 29er before I buy, but I'm heavily leaning toward 27.5 right now. Thanks for the reply!

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    I have a B29 and absolutely love it. I'm 6'3 230 and I agree that maybe 29 is too big for you. I demoed a Pivot 27.5 and it did everything my Bandit did, roll over, climbing etc. but it handled so much better in the tight turns. I will go 27.5 for my next bike.
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