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Thread: 2010 covert?

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    2010 covert?

    Im fairly new at mnt. Biking. Been riding a parker for about 6months, love the bike but needs some updates. I have been looking at a 2010covert frame to bbuild my question is can I make it a 27.5? How dated is the 2010, I know geometry and things change yearly not always for the better. I already have some nice parts, I just wonder if buying a 5yr old frame is a bad idea? The price seems fair and the frame is in good shape so that dont bother me. Are the transition bikes better than most main stream bikes? Just looking for input, to see if a 5yr old frame is still worth building. I just ride for fun and exercise. No racing for me, but iI do like nice stuff.
    Thank you

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    Assuming you mean the V2 Covert, it's a nice bike. I'm slightly biased though - I ridden one for the past few years :-)

    The geometry is pretty good, but as you say, things have moved on a bit. If you're looking for the long reach you'd find on a newer machine, you might want to go a size larger than you normally would and run a really short stem.

    I run mine low - I run a lot of sag in the rear shock (and have volume spacers in there to compensate). This gives me a slightly lower bottom bracket and slacker head angle, but also a slacker seat angle. This gives good descending performance and lots of traction on technical climbs, at the expense of some pedalling efficiency. I keep meaning to experiment with offset bushings and/or angle-headsets but I'm enjoying the bike so much as it is!

    I don't know if it'd work with 650b wheels, but I suspect it wouldn't. Let us know if you try it though!

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    check out my thread on my 2013 covert conversion. best thing to do is borrow some wheels and see if at full squish the tire hits the seat tube

    Carbon Covert 650b Conversion

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