For 20 years now the Transportation Corridor Agency, a quasi-public/private entity has been trying to build a toll road through eastern Orange County down to San Clemente, CA. It would pass through a key coastal State Park including the last undisturbed coastal watershed in San Diego county, and it would put a major Interstate freeway interchange at the famous Trestles surf break. This toll road has been rejected numerous times over 20 years but this TCA agency is funded to build toll roads and will not stop until it reaches its goal.

It was last rejected by the California Coastal Commission and the Bush Administration in 2008 but has returned to try to build the road now in 5 mile segments rather than the full 16 mile design, which will destroy the famous Trestles surf break in San Onofre State Park as well as the San Clemente Singletracks further inland in the park. Not only is "segmenting" in this manner illegal under CA state and Federal law, approval in this manner would approve the entire project in de-facto since the first segment would bring it right to the middle of no-where, except to continue into the hotly contested coastal zone. The agency would not build this segment without some sort of political assurance that it could connect through to the coast. We need to stop it now.

I received the following email last night from the California State Park Foundation. This email advises that the first permit to begin the approval process is up for decision in San Diego next week from the Regional Water Quality Review Board. If you can attend the meeting please do. If not, as would be the case for most on MTBR, please send a letter urging rejection of the project. Back in 2008, there were 50,000 people show up to a rally against this project, which resulted in rejection by the Coastal Commission and Bush Administration. So it shows that our response does matter.

The Surfrider Foundation has a template letter teed up for our use, please fill it out and send it! Link: Urge Regional Water Board to Deny Toll Road Permit

Thank you for reading.

San Onofre State Beach/Trestles is being threatened again, and we need your help!

On Wednesday, June 19 the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board is expected to make a decision regarding the Transportation Corridor Agencies’ (TCA) permit to build the first “segment” of the SR-241 toll road extension. We can’t let that happen.

Can you attend the meeting in San Diego at 1:00 p.m. to demonstrate opposition to the toll road? Your presence and public comment can make a big difference.

WHAT: Water Quality Control Board Meeting regarding TCA’s permit for first 5 miles of road.
WHEN: Wednesday, June 19 @ 1:00 p.m.
WHERE: Water Quality Control Board Meeting Room: 9174 Sky Park Court, San Diego, CA 92123

Since 2011 -- three years after the California Coastal Commission and the Bush Administration shot down the proposed extension of SR-241 through San Onofre State Beach -- the TCA has been proposing to build the remainder of the road in “segments” – five miles at a time. “Segmenting” is illegal under state and federal law. Not only does TCA’s plan circumvent important laws, this approach makes absolutely no planning sense as it will create a “cul-de-sac of traffic” for San Juan Capistrano, and would end at a road that is not even built yet. More recently, the TCA held a “special meeting” to approve plans for the “Tesoro Extension,” the first five miles of the 241 Toll Road extension, without any public workshops or sufficient public notice.

So can you help stop this plan in its tracks by attending the meeting on June 19?

The Save San Onofre Coalition has resurrected the California Environmental Quality Act lawsuit that challenged the original 16-mile proposal in 2006, bringing the fight to Save Trestles back into the courtroom.

Please join this group and fellow park lovers in San Diego on June 19 and take a stand for San Onofre State Beach/Trestles.

Thanks for supporting state parks!