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    Quote Originally Posted by flying_dutchman View Post
    Made this tool carrier for the BOB using an Action Packer that is bolted to the base of the trailer (lid is therefore removable and base stays firmly in the trailer bed) and a Thule Snowboard/Ski carrier (bolted to lid so that large hand tools and lid can be removed as a unit to provide access to contents of the Action Packer). It's a bit top heavy but works well with x2 Mcleod's, x2 Pulaski's, loppers and pruners.
    Very nice. Jealous of the Ibex suspension. Sometimes mine can really turn into a pogo stick when it hits a root. I never thought about putting my Action Packer in the BoB, but its nice to know that it'll fit well.

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    Ideas for a solution to haul tools on the trail...

    Some great ideas in this thread.

    I need to haul a weed whacker, chainsaw, 1 or 2 gallon jug of gas, hedge clippers, leaf blower, throughout a trail system. Not all at once, but at least two or three of those items at a time. Sure it's nice to hike in and out each section of 7 mile loop from various points, but having a bike that could haul what I need would be easier.

    The good news is, the trail system is in a State Park where I volunteer to do trail work and the majority of it is doubletrack, so I don't need to worry about navigating through tight and twisty. It's more about convenience of hauling multiple tools throughout to be more productive on a trail work day as opposed to hiking in and out with one or two tools at a time.

    My options - or at least what I am thinking about at the moment:

    Purchase a dedicated Surly Big Dummy and design a box to attach to haul what I need.

    Convert an old Cannondale MTB 800 tandem (which currently is hanging in the garage not being used) into a long haul trucker.

    Mine is green and fits me up front as the front end is size XL (rear is size small) and set up with a rigid fork and triple chainring with an 11-34 rear cassette so I would be able to spin up the hills hauling gear.

    I did locate a company called LOKO who appear to have a product in development, but sounds like you have to pre-order and they only produce once they have 1000+ pre-orders. I've tried to contact them several times to get information on the rack to convert a tandem into a cargo bike, but have never received any reply. Sounds like this option may not exist.

    However, I could probably find somebody in my local area to make something for me - or I could DIY some sort of a box/rack/mount to haul what I need on the back of the tandem conversion.

    I don't think the BOB trailer will work with what I want to haul, but was curious for any suggestions and help in figuring out a solution to be able to haul something as long as a weed whacker, jug of fuel, and another tool or two all on the same trip.

    I do have a rooftop tandem tray to haul the bike to and from the State Park - so at least that part of the issue of getting the work bike to and from the location is solved.


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    I found this baby jogger at curbside= trash day.
    Not perfect but better then carrying all this on my back.

    -2 MSR bottles gas mix & bar oil.
    -Plastic wedges & tool kit.
    -Handsaw & Felco#2 hand pruners.
    -PPE=Hardhat, safety glasses, hearing protection, chainsaw chaps.
    -Mini pick and hand trowel.
    -Mini sledge hammer.
    -Hand brace with bits.
    -12" galvanized spikes.
    -2 pair work gloves.
    -Small stiff brush for cleaning dirt around trees before cutting etc.
    -Tape measure.
    -Roll duct tape.
    -Roll of pink ribbon.
    -Water and food to get through 4-12 hour day in the woods.
    -I could strap a rake or long handle tool on this as well.

    -BEER for after the saw is put away and I'm dragging my ass out of the woods.

    Tool carrier beta-img_1293.jpg

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