On a recent trip to Steamboat Springs CO, I took some pics of the pump track / DJ area next to downtown. It appeared that the DJ area was still under construction.

Overall, there was a lot of well-done design and shaping. However, I noticed that the roll-in hill for the pump track tabletop line (set of 4 smaller tables in a row) was not big enough to actually get speed to hit them well.

On the other hand, the roll-in for the future DJ area was very well done. It had a cool two-tier waterfall style design and I would estimate the mound was around 10 to 14 feet high.

Another comment I would have is that this spot seems to be following the unfortunate trend of locating city/public DJ/Pump Track spots in open fields without tree cover or shade/wind blocking. I understand it's a lot easier to do dirt work with heavy machinery in a flat open field, but this does not mean it creates an ideal end result. This spot was very windy... The jumps and dirt will be constantly exposed to wind and sun.

Most DIY dirt jump spots are located in the woods.... And in the same way that cross country mountain bikers like their single track through nice woods (and not just across cow pastures), I think it's fair to say that thought should be put into the environment of a DJ / Pump Track spot. In general, I think pump track and DJ spots should be viewed more as types of trails (and locate them where other trails are), rather than dirt versions of cement skateparks.
I'm not criticizing Steamboat--I think it's great that they're wanting to do this.... just trying to make the general point.....

The DJ / Pump Track area was also next to a cement skatepark: