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    securing split cedar decking

    Securing split cedar decking

    Anyone have experience securing split cedar decking to treated lumber framing? The two options that come to mind are deck screws or spikes. I'm thinking we may need to pre-drill to prevent splitting, is this necessary?

    So, what's the preferred fastener and preparation?

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    We has started using Timber Lock

    TimberLOK® Heavy Duty Wood Screw - FastenMaster

    We use Hammer drills and they go in without pre-drilling.

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    I build my own.
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    I've built miles of bridge with hand split red cedar. I've never used anything but galvanized spiral nails. No serious problems with splitting. Don't split your boards too thin (2" or thicker) and don't nail too close to the ends and you'll be OK.
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    Re: securing split cedar decking

    I don't build with cedar much, but have built thousands upon thousands of square feet of docks and decks.

    For most applications I prefer the Head-lok version over the Timber-lok. It has a bigger flat head with more surface area. It does however require a proprietary spider bit. I believe they come in 3",4.5",6",& 8". They also aren't tapered at the end so they don't encourage splitting.

    If you buy them by the bucket (250?) they are much cheaper.

    For regular exterior screws I really like the Deck-mate brand from Home Depot. They don't strip out and one torx bit can do 10# of screws.

    BTW out lumberyard sells my club their fasteners at cost. It may be worth asking if you haven't .
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