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    Proposing a new Skills Park ?

    Hello all, I have recently been introduced to the sport of mountain biking, and am really enjoying it. A group of friends and I would like to get some sort of trail constructed in our area (a smaller town in S. Minnesota). We think the best option considering cost and land would be a skills park. Our city has numerous parks with different attractions at each. For example, one has a skate park, one has a frisbee golf course, and one is a jungle gym system/playground. The land that the frisbee golf course is located on has roughly 2 acres of open land not officially designated for anything. Being that this location is already a city park and has available space, we believe it would be a prime place to construct a skills park. Now that we're this far, I would like to ask you all for any tips or suggestions as to the process of proposing this plan to our city park board. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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    Try and find your local mountain bike association/club... They'll lend credibility, probably are familiar with the politics/process in your area around trails and know how to build/maintain/organize.

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    Thanks for the information. We have contacted MORC, the Minnesota Off Road Cycling association. We are in the process of working together.

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    What we did is provided a lot of examples of successful skills parks in other locales.
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    It took four years of proposals, a formal presentation and then meetings with City Parks and Rec, City Planning Dept., and Board of Supervisors. The City needed a formal plan, so we hired Hilride ( to do that part. Then a City Memorandum of Understanding was drafted, and finally, the Board of Supervisors. It is now in the build process. It has all been done with volunteer labor and donations. FASTA | Freeride and Sustainable Trail Association

    As stated, talk to your local mtb trail / advocacy group, and see if anyone on Parks and Rec (or however the LM is) is a biker and supportive of the idea; they can help you learn what is needed in the formal process.

    Our head ranger was a tremendous help, this is his office.
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    I strongly encourage you to take the time to develop relationships with the decision makers before you pitch your project. Try to understand their motivations and concerns and always look for solutions to problems.

    Good luck.
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