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    The McCoy Flats Trail System (60 miles of trail in eastern Utah) is looking for input

    Recently a proposal for a 5 lane bypass through the middle of a 7 trail, stacked looped system was proposed by the local government. Link to map (existing trail system off the Dog Valley road) (for description of trails and links to maps. [/video] If you are familiar with these trails, Retail sale would basically be eliminated and so would Slippery when wet. The trailhead would become a stopping point for heavy truck traffic, and impacts associated with heavy highway use would become associated with this pristine desert single track. Here is the proposed bypass route.
    here is the link you need if you would like to get involved.
    Click on the link, then click down on the left on Contact information. Submit your email address to Stephanie howard via active link and ask to be notified about dates for meetings, etc. Also say that you would like to know when the proposed project is out for review, and that you would like to comment on the proposed project.
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    I think you need a different link to the map. I got there indirectly through the second link you posted.

    I don't think you're going to have much luck stopping this. Keeping hazardous materials traffic out of town is going to trump trails pretty much any day of the week. Your best bet, I think, is going to be with mapping the proposed bypass with the current trail network, identifying areas that will be impacted by the construction. You're going to have to propose some kind of mitigation so the bike trails can coexist with the bypass. Either way, I don't think you're going to be able to get out of it without losing some great trail. You may be able to get some new trail out of the project, though.

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    Thanks a ton for posting the proposal map. I appreciate the feedback. I'll modify the post. The map was of the existing trail system.

    As the recreation planner, my job is to evaluate impacts to existing recreation facilities by new proposals. I wouldn't stop or promote the proposal, just anazlye impacts. I have a personal opinion, but my professional duty is to seek public input and inform the decision maker of the potential impacts.

    My goal is to get the public as involved as possible so that we can forward our best science and analysis for the document, so that the decision maker can fully understand the impacts of any decision that is made.

    Along the way, we'll recommend mitigation measures for each proposed alternative.

    Additionally, the hazardous materials travel north on Hwy 191 from vernal and East/West along hwy 40. No hazardous materials traveling north would utilize the bypass. They would still come directly through town on a major trucking route between Vernal and Rock Springs WY.

    My hope is that we get enough comments to form an agency preferred alternative (such as the proposal forthcoming by the Northeastern Mountain Bike Association) for locating the road potentially south of the current proposed alignment leaving a one mile buffer around our current trail system allowing the bypass and the trail system to co-exist. However, if another alternative is not formed, I wil analyze the proposed alternatives as they are.

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    The North East Utah Mountain Biker Group (NUMB) has set up a facebook page to provide information on the proposed development of McCoy Flats to people who are interested in preserving the trails and/or encouraging the BLM and local authorities to undertake significant work to ensure the Vernal area still has a substantial network of purpose built mountain bike trails if the by-pass is constructed.

    As the map on the McCoy Flats facebook site shows currently we stand to lose two trails and to have a four lane highway run very close to the trailhead facilities the BLM kindly provided. The address of the facebook page is below.

    Members of NUMB are meeting with representatives of the BLM and other relevant authorities to see what can be salvaged from the situation. We are being received sympathetically. There is a general acknowledgement that the trails are popular both with residents and riders from further afield. We may be able to get the highway slightly re-routed or we may be able to convince the local land owners to provide replacement trails. Our chances of doing so are greatly increased if local decision makers hear from users of the trails. The more comments they receive the better they will understand the value of the trails. It is particularly important that people from outside of North East Utah comment to underscore that the trails are a tourist attraction as well as a local amenity. The trails seem to be popular with riders from Salt Lake and Steamboat in the Spring. If you are one of them please get involved.

    If you use the trails there are two things you can do:

    1.Write to the county commissioners (their addresses are on the facebook page).

    2. When the BLM NEPA consultation process begins comment to the BLM. This is the most important thing you can do as the BLM can impose a requirement that adequate mitigation is done (a link to the BLM site for this consultation is also on the facebook page).

    Though passions might be riding high please keep your comments civil as all the parties involved have treated us with civility

    Don't be put off riding in the area. Nothing has changed so far and there are a bunch of other great, but lesser known trails in the area.

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